Top 10 Carrier Option After LLB

Top 10 career option after LLB

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Hello, dear reader in this post we will discuss the top 10 career option after LLB. We will also elaborate about the procedure to enter into that field, scope of that field and earing into that particular field.

Generally, when students pass out from10th stander and enter into 12th stander they really confused in selecting the right stream for his career. We have to know that 12th stander is the right time to select our career option.

So if you are going to enter into 12th stander than this is the right to stop and think carefully about your career goal and if you are confused in selection your career option than please consult with your parents and your elders.

Dear readers this ranking about the top 10 career option after LLB is fully on our own view, these ranking can vary from the person to person choice. So let’s start the discussion about the top 10 career option after LLB.

Top 10 Carrier Option After LLB


Judicial service is the best career option after LLB. You can become the Judicial Magistrate or Civil Judge. Judicial Service Examination is a competitive exam and requires the complete knowledge and understanding of the syllabus.

Judicial Service Examination requires complete focus, dedication and hard working. Without a clear plan and strategy, it’s very difficult to cleat the Judicial Service Examination.

Procedure of Judicial Service Examination

You can appear into the Judicial Service Examination after completing your graduation degree. You can appear into the Judicial Service Examination for several times and there is no restriction of maximum attempt. The High Court of the respective state or the Public Service Commission conducts this exam. Judicial Service Examination is conducted in two phases Preliminary and Main exam. The Preliminary exam is an objective type while Maine exam is descriptive type exam. The candidate who clear these two exams (Preliminary and Main) are calling for interview.

Public service Commission Prayagraj

Public Prosecutors

A career as a public prosecutor is one of the best career option after LLB. To become a good public prosecutor you should have deep knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure code. By opting this great career option you can offend the justice and contribute in the society. We know the public prosecutor as government advocate. Section 2 of the code of criminal procedure state that each and every state shall have a Public Prosecutor and a such number of Assistance Public Prosecutor as may be specified.

Procedure to become public prosecutor

A person can be appointed as a public prosecutor or additional public prosecutor in he/she has a law degree. Addition to this he/she has been in practice as an advocate for seven or more years and with the consultation with the respected High Court.

Union Public Service Commission conducts a written exam along with an interview to become a public prosecutor. The person who is looking to become a public prosecutor must not be less than 35 years and must not be more than 45 years of age and must be a citizen of India.

Union Public Service Commission

Legal Advisor

If you are a law graduate then a career as a legal advisor will be a great deal for you. In today world most of the public, private and government companies deal with the legal issues. Since legal procedure in India is very complicated therefore these company appoint law graduate person as a legal advisor to deal with legal compliances of the company. So if you are looking legal advisor profession as a career option after LLB then the procedure are as follow-

Procedure to become a Legal Advisor

To become a legal advisor of any private or a public company the candidate must be law graduate and must have expertise in their field. They must have practice experience in law. In addition to this candidate must have Certificate of Practice issued by the Bar Council of India.

However, in the case of government Company, a legal advisor may include Solicitor General, Assistance Solicitor General, Additional Solicitor General, Attorney General, any individual or a firm of the lawyer and many more.

Top 10 Carrier Option After LLB

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Law Firm

If you are a law graduate and want to be your own boss then you can start your own Law Firm as a proprietor or enter into a partnership with other law graduate and start a law firm in partnership.

By starting your own law firm you can represent your client in the court of law. The best thing in a law firm is, you can practice in the field in which you have expertise. By this, you can become your own boss and expand your firm as your business.

Here I want to warn you that if you are looking to start your own law firm as a career option after LLB then you have to prepare for hard work and struggle. In the starting of the law firm, most of the people face lots of problem and struggle. But from the passing of time, everything will come on track and you will start earning a decent amount of money.

Teacher or Lecturer

If you have an interest in teaching, you can start your career as a teacher or lecturer. You can start your teaching career in several ways like; start your own coaching institute, as a teacher or lecturer in a private college or as a lecturer in a government college or university.

The best thing about this career is, you can earn a good salary, and respect and you can teach student good learning, how to read and interpreter law.  

teaching or lecturer job is one the most famous career option after LLB If you are interested to become a teacher then ask three thin from yourself-

First, do you really like teaching? Second, do you have patience to explain same facts again and again? And the last but not least do you have good command on your subject?

If the answer is yes than congratulation, you can become a good teacher.

Procedure to become Teacher or Lecturer

To become a lecturer of law subject candidate must have a law degree. The minimum qualification requires to become a lecturer is NET (National Eligibility Test) conducted by UGC (University Grant Commission).

A person who is interested to appear into the NET exam must have minimum 55% in Master Degree. After qualifying the Nation Eligibility Text, candidates are eligible to appoint as an assistant professor in any degree college.

Litigation service

Litigation service is one of the core career option after LLB. In litigation service, two layers represent their Clint the court of law before the honourable Judge. But the real completion in this field is too high.

 We recommend to you that, if you want to pursue your career as litigation server then join any pre-establish law firm as assistance or and an employer. Work in that law firm for 3-4 years after that you will get command on how to pursue your career as a litigator and how to represent your client in the Court of Law.

Procedure to become Litigator

A person, who is looking to become a litigator, must have a bachelor degree in law. To get the eligibility to practice in the court of law the person has to appear in and pass the All India Bar Exam conducted by the Bar Council of India. After clear this exam, Bar Council of India issue a “Certificate of Practice”.

After get certificate, the person can enroll himself with any of the State Bar Council.

Civil Services

If you are a hard worker then you can make your future in the Civil service. I am saying hard work because the Civil Service exam is one of the hardest exams which is conducted in India.

The best thing in this career is you can get unlimited opportunity to interact with people, serve your country, good salary, respect in the society and power.

Procedure to appear in Civil Service

Civil Service Exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission. This exam is conducted in all over this India. Union Public Service Commission recruits candidates for the various posts like IAS (Indian Administration Service), IRS (Indian Revenue Services), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Service) etc.

Civil Service Exams is conducted in three phases, First, preliminary exam, Second, Main exam and the last personal interview. Preliminary exam have two papers, while Main exam have nine papers.

Judge Advocate General

If you are a law graduate and interested in join Indian Army then the Judge advocate General will be best Carrie option for you. Indian Army offers a post as Judge advocate General for the interpretation of laws related to armed force like the Indian Defense Act, Arms Act, and Army Act etc. Judge advocate General is the judicial and legal chief of Indian Army.

Procedure to Judge Advocate General

Every person who has a law degree with minimum 55% marks and who is eligible to get registration from bar council or who have registration from bar council, is eligible to appoint as a Judge advocate General.

The age limit for this post is 21 years to 27 years.  

Legal journalism

In today’s word journalism is one of the most powerful jobs. If you are a law graduate and want to become a journalist then you can pursue this dream by becoming a legal journalist.

 As you know journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy. By pursuing this profession as your career option you can cover daily news about legal matters of the High Courts, Supreme Court and other Courts of law.

You can pursue this profession by joining any news agency (Print media or Paper Media) or by becoming an independent Journalist.

Legal advisor in MNC

In today’s world companies face a lot of legal procedure day by day. To deal with these legal procedures every nation and multinational companies appoint a person or a group of a person as his legal support team.

Every government wants to protect the right of the consumers from the fraud of companies. Result of that government makes a lot of rules and regulation to govern these companies. In India, there are many laws which are dedicated to companies like Companies Act, 2013, FEMA Act, 1999, Competition Act, 2002, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and many more.

By becoming the parts of the legal team of a nation or multination companies you can expand your career.

Hello, dear readers, this is all about the top 10 career option after LLB. If you like this post then please shares this post with your friends and comment below this post. Thank you all readers.   

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